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Ringing Bell (Japanese: Chirin no Suzu) aka The Ringing Bell of Chirin is a 1978 film adaptation of Takashi Yanase's childrens book of the same name. The story starts off as a children's film, but quickly merges into a darkly-toned story of the laws of nature, and revenge. It has also been viewed in the past as a cautionary tale about venturing away from home, non-conformity and revenge. It was released to theaters on March 11, 1978 with a G-Rating, and is recognized as one of the only Shock Films directed towards children.


A baby lamb named Chirin is devastated when his mother is killed by a wolf who raids the farm in the night. Seeking revenge, he must become like the very thing he wishes to destroy, and he must venture far beyond the safety his home and childhood into the wilderness to seek the fearsome Wolf King.



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