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Rod Rocket is a 1963 animated series that debuted in syndication. The series was originally produced by True Line animation studio. The series was co-produced by CBS Productions, and the Japanese production company SIB.


The television series focuses on the adventures of a boy named Rod Rocket and his best friend, Joey. The wise codger, Professor Argus, sends Rod and Joey on an exploratory mission in a spaceship called the Little Argo and he waits for them to come home with his teenage granddaughter, Cassie. While in space, Rod and Joey constantly battle two bumbling cosmonauts.

Main Characters[]


L-R; Joey, Cassie, Professor Angus, and Rod Rocket.

Professor Angus



Rod Rocket


  1. (Title Unknown)
  2. Slave Labor in Space
  3. The Lava Trap
  4. Lost in a Lunar Mist
  5. Lights On

Voice Cast[]

Hal Smith - Professor Angus

Pat Blake - Cassie

Sam Edwards - Joey, Rod Rocket

Viewing Links[]

Rod Rocket: ???? (English)

Rod Rocket: Slave Labor in Space

Rod Rocket: The Lava Trap

Rod Rocket: Lost in a Lunar Mist

Rod Rocket: Lights On

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