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Sally the Witch Title Card

Sally the Witch (Japanese: 魔法使いサリー Mahōtsukai Sarī) is the first of the Magical Girl genre animes in Japan. The series, directed by Toshio Katsuta, and Hiroshi Ikeda, was produced by Toei Animation. The series runs 109 episodes (,the first 17 of which are Mochrome,) which originally aired on NET, which became Asahi TV from December 5, 1966 to December 30, 1968.


Sally is the princess of the "witch world", Astoria, who longs to visit the mortal realm - presumably to make friends her own age. One day, Sally teleports to the "mid world" (Earth), where she uses her magic to fend off a couple of burglars menacing two young schoolgirls. Immediately befriended by her new acquaintances - tomboyish Yoshiko Hanamura (known affectionately as "Yotchan") and girly Sumire Kasugano - Sally decides to stay on indefinitely, leading to various kinds of shōjo mischief in the best Japanese tradition. Sally tries to keep her supernatural abilities secret, assuming the role of a human child.


Sally the Witch Main Characters

L - R; Sally, Sumire, and Yoshiko.


Sumire Kasugano

Yoshiko Hanamura


Related Animated Works[]

Sally the Witch 2 is the 1980s sequel to this series in which an older Sally returns to mid world, and reunites with her old friends.



Broadcast History[]

NET (which became Asahi TV) (December 5, 1966 to December 30, 1968)