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Sam and Max Freelance Police

The Adventures of Sam and Max Freelance Police is an American/Canadian Animated TV series chronicling various adventures of the titicular duo of Sam, an anthropomorphic dog, and Max a Lagomorph (Max neither identifies as a Rabbit or Hare). The show began airing on the fourth of October in the year 1997 and ceased on the twenty-fifth of April the following year.


The series revolves around the freelance police accepting missions from the mysterious Commissioner, whom they have never seen. The assignments usually lead them into far-off and exotic locales. In between these assignments, the pair also manage to squeeze in numerous other escapades. There were also holiday themed episodes.




The show was created by Steve Purcell, the creator of the Comic book series from which the show and games by Lucas Arts are based on. Production was handled by Canada based Nelvana Limited.

Broadcast History[]

Fox Kids (USA)

YTV (Canada)