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Serendipty the pink dragon english title card

Serendipity the Pink Dragon (Japanese: セレンディピティ物語 ピュア島の仲間たち Serendipity Monogatari: Pyua-tou no Nakama-tachi Lit. Serendipity Stories: Friends of the Pure Island) is a Japanese animated TV show based on the Serendipity book series by Stephan Cosgrove which had been written for his daughter. After a young boy is shipwrecked upon an iceberg he finds an egg that hatches into the Pink Dragon Serendipity as they reach warmer waters. The series follows their interaction and adventures with each like the book series having a moral to the narrative. The show's original run was on Nippon TV from July 1, 1983 to December 23 of the same year. A feature length film was created for direct to video release in the United States by combining footage from the animated series into a single narrative.


The TV show was produced by Shigeto Takahashi with character designs by animator Yoichi Kotabe.

Cast and Characters[]

  • Serendipity: Mari Okamoto
  • Kōna: Michiko Nomura
  • Pira Pira the Bird of Paradise: Yūji Mitsuya
  • Akanatsu the Fruit Spirit: Noriko Tsukase
  • Prime Minister Dolf: Kei Tomiyama
  • Captain Sumaji: Kōsei Tomita
  • Princess Laura: Yuri Nashiwa


  • Series Director: Nobuo Onuki
  • Writer: Kenji Terada (ep 24)
  • Writer: Kyōta Naruko (eps 1-2, 5-8)
  • Writer: Megumi Sugihara (ep 25)
  • Writer: Sumiko Nakao (8 episodes)
  • Writer: Tsunehisa Itō (10 episodes)


In French the show is called Biniky le Dragon Rose

In Italian the show is called Rosaura

In Japan where it originally aired it's known as Pyuato no Nakama-Tachi

In Spanish the show is called Biniki, de Dragon Rosa

In Iran it's known simply as Serendipity


The series aired 26 30 minute long episodes over the course of one season.

Intro (Japanese)

Outro (Japanese)

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