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Sheep & Wolves Pig Deal

Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal (Russian: Волки и овцы: Ход свиньей, romanized: Volki i ovcy: Hod sviney, lit. 'Wolves and Sheep: A Pig's Move') is a 2019 Russian 3D computer-animated fantasy-comedy film. The story is the sequel to original film Sheep and Wolves and contains the elements of the fairy tale The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids. Wizart Animation and CTB Film Company were joint animation production studios for the film that is produced by Sergey Selyanov, Yuri Moskvin, Vladimir Nikolaev and directed by Vladimir Nikolaev and Mikhail Babenko.

The original Russian version of the film features Maxim Matveev as the voice of Grey and also includes voice talents of Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Galina Korneva, Anton Yuriev, Alexey Sigaev, Mikhail Belyakovich, Nikita Prozorovsky [ru], Daniel Eldarov and Mikhail Tikhonov. The international versions stars Graham Halstead as Grey and also features Kate Bristol, Vanessa Gardner, Melissa Hope, Billy Bob Thompson, Major Attaway, Tyler Bunch, Oliver Wyman and Jason Griffith.

Grey, the peaceful wolf, leads a grassy utopia village where wolves and sheep live in harmony. Unexpected guests appear – an arctic vixen Simone and sheep girl Josie who are saved from the Black Wolves. The wolves appetite for the newcomers forces them to attack the village and demand Grey to extradite them. Instead of satiating their appetite, Grey raises the walls as pacifists are ready to protect against war marauders. Nashe Kino distributed the film in Russia at the premiere of 24 January 2019 followed by a global release. The movie released in the UK on 10 August 2020. The film opened in USA on 29 January 2021.


At a dark grotto, an emissary wolf meets Gark, the leader of a warring wolf clan, the Black Wolves sitting atop his walrus throne. The emissary reports the rumors that Mami, the gypsy is selling souvenirs. However, she is close to the harmonious village where sheep and wolves live in peace. Gark and the pack agree to capture this new animal that suddenly appeared to them in the food chain. They succeed in capturing Mami. Back at the egalitarian society of wolves and sheep, Belgour names Grey the new successor.

The wolf Grey becomes the unanimous leader. During those times unexpected guests arrives: a small ewe named Josie (who was originally a crocodile until she accidentally drank Mami's potion) with polar vixen named Simone who sought refuge from the predator wolves. Grey welcomes them with open arms despite peremptory suspicions from Ziko the ram. The wolf clan learns of this news and attacks the village to extradite the new animals for feasting. However they avoid an all out war because they know Grey the wolf will overcome his identity crisis and be a wolf again. Then they can easily handle the sheep village. Gark defeats Grey. He leaves with a declaration, "Your alliance with sheep is disgusting." Grey has a couple of days before they overrun their village to feast on everyone and make the sacred pact between vegetarians and carnivores void.

Grey returns to the village and declares the threatening news. The villagers agree to defend their rights and rally for a noble cause. They build a fortress for the upcoming clash with the hungry wolves. However, a mysterious saboteur with white gloves is active. The architects learn the saboteur inserted weak drawings to the architectural plan causing the fortress to crumble. Grey, discouraged and full of self-doubt, seeks Belgour's advice again. Belgour is still calm and repeats that his faith in the new leader is unbreakable. He says that Grey has already managed to transform the sheep herd into one accord and that means there is nothing he can not do. Belgour leaves with sage advise, "Any chaos can be turned into something beautiful."

Grey realizes the concept of transformation reminds him of Gypsi Mami. However she is held captive at Gark's ravine. Grey and Bianca set out to free Mami. As a courtesy Mami cooks a magic potion that was first tested on little Josie. The experiment turned Josie into an indomitable high-power sheep. The clan agrees the potion will turn the tides of the war. The potion is kept in a shed while the day of the siege arrives. Unknown to the sheep, the saboteur replaces the vial with a counterfeit one.

At the battle a rally is held as the Black Wolves lay siege to the city. Then the soldiers including Cliff the Seagull and Zico the lamb drink the potion suddenly turning them into pigs. Gark and the wolves who are amused drive the pigs into the main village square as they defeat Grey. Skinny reveals he is the true saboteur who never wanted an alliance between the sheep and wolves. Gark disgusted by the betrayals puts both Skinny and Grey inside a jail. There, Skinny realizes his actions contributed to this whole predicament and Grey was in fact the true leader. Grey becomes heroic as Little Josie sneaks into the jail and breaks the shackles because she still has the power of strength from the potion. A diversionary plot is created as Little Josie will distract the wolves while Grey isolates Gark in a fight. Skinny manages to get the transmutation potion that turn the piglets back to their former self.

The wolves and the sheep were ready to commit war. However Gypsi Mami reconciles their differences by telling the two fronts that they are similar to each other in hobbies. The two warring clans agree for peace. Meanwhile, the main fight between Gark and Grey commences. Grey manages to win but Gark parries back with a treacherous back hand attack. The warring clans rush to the aid of Grey. Gark although outnumbered goes to the shed to drink the potion of strength. The sheep and wolves watch as the shed collapses as the imminent rise of Gark with super strength emerges. However the clan realizes Gark was only transformed into a pig. Festivities break out as Grey and Bianca have a son named Duke, Simone finally achieves her dream to become a botanist and Mami agrees to keep Gark's form for the time being until he re-educates himself. Meanwhile, while watching the view on a hill with Ike, Little Josie begins to transform back into a crocodile.