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Sherlock Hound (Japanese: 名探偵ホームズ Meitantei Hōmuzu "Detective Holmes") is an anime based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. The series runs 26 episodes that originally aired on TV Asahi from November 6, 1984 to May 20, 1985. Sherlock Hound was produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha (Japan), and RAI (Italy). It was originally licensed by Geneon Universal Entertainment, and Manga Entertainment.


Sherlock Hound is a detective in Victorian England. Nearly every episode involves Moriarty compiling a scheme and Hound putting a stop to his plans or catching him after the act.


Sherlock Hound


Mrs. Hudson






The episodes are listed by order in which they where broadcast.

  1. The Four Signatures
  2. The Crown of Mazalin
  3. A Small Client
  4. Mrs. Hudson is Taken Hostage
  5. Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
  6. The Green Balloon
  7. A Sacred Image Disappears
  8. The Speckled Band
  9. Treasure Under the Sea
  10. The White Cliffs of Dover
  11. The Sovereign Gold Coins
  12. The Stormy Getaway
  13. Runaway Freight Car
  14. The Coral Lobster
  15. The Golden Statue of the Great Burglar
  16. The Secret of the Sacred Cross Sword
  17. The Adventure of the Thames Monster
  18. The Adventure of the Three Students
  19. The Rosetta Stone
  20. The White Silver Getaway
  21. The Disappearance of the Splendid Royal House
  22. Disturbance, the World Flight Championship!
  23. The Secret of the Parrot
  24. The Bell of Big Ben
  25. The Priceless French Doll
  26. The Missing Bride Affair




Broadcast History[]

Rai 1

TV Asahi (November 6, 1984 to May 20, 1985)

Notes on the Setting[]

In episode 1 Watson has just returned from Afghanistan. Like his literary counterpart he was a combat medic. The 2nd Anglo-Afghan war occurred between the years 1878 and 1880. This is likely the war referenced as in episode 3 "A Small Client" shows us newly minted coins that feature Queen Victoria and the year 1894. The show, like the stories of Doyle, moves into the early 20th century. This is evidenced as the Airplane wasn't introduced until 1903, which is two years after the death of Queen Victoria with Airmail between England and France (as shown in episode 10 "The White Cliffs of Dover") having been briefly established in the year 1912. The soldiers seen in episode 13 "The Runaway Freight Car" are uniformed in the same fashion as 1914 BEF Soldiers. Though no mention of the first world war is made in the show.

While the world is inhabited by anthropomorphic canines there are depictions of Humans in art. The earliest being in Episode 4 "Mrs. Hudson is Taken" in which the Mona Lisa makes an appearance. Episode 7 "A Sacred Image Disappears" is another example. In that episode Moriarty steels a golden Angel Statue which is described as 'a national treasure'. These are notable in that many other statues and paintings through out the show (such as those seen in Episode 12 "The Stormy Getaway") include anthropomorphic dog characters.