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Snorks is an animated TV series that aired on NBC from September 15, 1984 to May 13, 1989. The series was produced by Hanna-Barbera, and aired 65 episodes over the course of four seasons.


The Snorks are an aquatic race of tiny humanoid creatures with Snorkels atop their heads which are used for propelling them through the water. Since encountering Humans for the first time in 1643, during an expedition to outer space (the surface world) they have adopted many human customs (such as wearing cloths) and generally have the same technology as contemporary (1980s) Humans adapted for their aquatic environment. They use clams as currency.



Intro "Snorks", International

Season One[]

Season One Intro "Let's Snork a Happy Song", US Only

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Season Two[]

Season Two Intro "We're the Snorks", US Only

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Season Three[]

Season Three and Four Intro "Come Along with the Snorks", US Only

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Season Four[]

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The story of this series production begins in 1977 when Freddy Monnickendam, a Belgian Buisnessman negotiated the rights to the Smurf comics to Father Abraham. With success in the comics Freddy approached Peyo (creator of the Smurfs), NBC, and Hanna-Barbera with the idea of creating a Smurf animated series. Freddy however wanted the series filled with pop cultural references while Peyo insisted the show be true to his work. A legal dispute arose and was resolved with the creation of this series and the animated Smurfs series. Giving Peyo a Smurf show true to his work, and Freddy a Smurf like series with greater creative liberties then he could have hoped for. The pilot was shown to NBC (but has not been made public) in 1984 and the same year Snorks was launched as an animated series.

Broadcast History[]

  • NBC (September 15, 1984 to May 13, 1989)
  • Syndication (1986 to 1989)
  • USA Network (1990 to 1992)
  • BBC (Late 1990s)
  • Boomerang (2009 to 2011 [?])

Notes on the Setting[]