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Snow Child

Snow Kid (Chinese:  雪孩子) is a 1980 Chinese animated film produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio, and directed by Lin Xiao. The story it's self was written by Ji Hong. The short won a prize for best film in 1980, along side two other productions. The short is also known as Snow Child.


In a cold winter, mother rabbit was going to look for some carrots outside the house. In case her child would feel lonely, she made a snowman for him, which was fabulous. The snowman started to move the moment she left. He had a great time with the little rabbit. But it was getting colder and colder, thus forcing the baby rabbit to go home and make a fire so as to get warm. Unfortunately, he fell asleep and his quilt fell on the floor, leaving the house in fire. The snowman saw this and rushed into the room without hesitation. Finally, he rescued the little rabbit at the cost of his own life. When the mother rabbit returned, she was relieved to find that her child was safe and sound, but the lovely snowkid is gone forever.