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Sonic Underground is an Animated TV series produced primarily by DiC Productions L.P. The series aired a total of 40 episodes over between ? seasons from the 6th of January and the 22nd of October in the year 1999. It follows Sonic and his siblings as they attempt to reunite with their royal mother and overthrow the autocratic regime of Dr. Robotnik. The show however ceased production before it could complete it's narrative.


Taking place in it's own continuity Sonic Underground establishes Mobius as a Kingdom under a dynastic line of which Sonic and his two siblings are the heirs. This Kingdom was overthrown by Dr. Robotnik with finances secured from the world's aristocracy. The royal family is outlawed, and goes into hiding and in accordance with a prophecy the Queen of Mobius hides her three children and herself away in the hopes that the dynasty will be preserved and the four may united again to form the 'Council of Four' and fulfill the foretold liberation of the planet from Robotnik's autocratic rule.

As the siblings grow up they experience different styles of life under Robotnik; Sonic being raised by a middle class family, Manic (his brother) being raised by thieves on the streets who had stole him away from his intended family, and Sonia (Sonic's sister) having been entrusted to an aristocratic family that like all nobles must provide tribute to Robotnik to maintain their position. The siblings witness as all those who defy Robotnik are robotized.

When the siblings become old enough the Oracle which foretold of Robotnik's coming and that the siblings with their mother world overthrow him, informs Sonic the Hedgehog of the role they are to play in freeing the planet. After reuniting the Siblings seek out their mother so they may form this Council of Four and together overthrow Robotnik.

Nearly every episode begins with a bit of narration from Queen Aleria, their mother.


  1. Beginnings
  2. Getting to Know You
  3. Harmony or Something
  4. Wedding Bell Blues
  5. To Catch a Queen
  6. Mobodoon
  7. The Price of Freedom
  8. Underground Masquerade
  9. Tangled Webs
  10. The Deepest Fear
  11. Who Do You Think You Are?
  12. The Last Resort
  13. Come Out Wherever You Are
  14. Winner Fakes All
  15. A Hedgehog's Home Is Her Castle
  16. Artifact
  17. Bug!
  18. Sonic Tonic
  19. Friend or Foe?
  20. Head Games
  21. When in Rome...
  22. The Jewel in the Crown
  23. Three Hedgehogs and A Baby
  24. Dunes Day
  25. Mummy Dearest
  26. Hedgehog in The Iron Mask
  27. Six is A Crowd
  28. Flying Fortress
  29. No Hedgehog Is An Island
  30. New Echidna in Town
  31. Country Crisis
  32. Haircraft in Space
  33. Healer
  34. Sonia's Choice
  35. The Big Melt
  36. Sleepers
  37. Bartleby the Prisoner
  38. The Art of Destruction
  39. Virtual Danger
  40. The Pendant



  • Jaleel White as Sonic, Sonia and Manic
  • Gary Chalk as Dr. Robotnik
  • Gail Webster as Queen Aleena
  • Maurice LaMarche as Sleet
  • Peter Wilds as Dingo
  • Ian James Corlett as Knuckles
  • Sean Connery as Great Grandfather Athair


  • Writers - Pat Allee and Ben Hurst
  • Music Composer - Mike Piccirillo


The shows complex plot, while something fans admire it for, was one of the many things to be critically reviewed. In addition to the show differing from other Sonic material with it's unique continuity associated with a three part 'origin saga'. The show is noted as having a strange and dark tone that some believe clashes with the cartoons animation and often silly antics of the series. Most sonic fans where more comfortable with the lighter tones of previous material though of those who did embrace the series a loyal fandom emerged. While most critical review was aimed at the complex plot, it has been praised for- despite it's dark and strange tones- keeping violence minimal considering the circumstances of the narrative which makes such difficult to accomplish..

Other Appearances[]

The continuity unique characters of Manic and Sonia did manage to be featured in a special issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series by Archie Comics, which is known to produce the most popular of Sonic continuities. The issue features the prime timeline's Sonic teaming up with his alternate reality counterparts to stop one of Dr. Robotnik's super weapons. While not a closure to the narrative the story at least provides another story in the show's continuity. Another comic book series, Sonic Universe, was to feature a closure to the narrative of this show in it's 50th issue but the epilogue to be featured has been put on hold indefinitely.

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