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Squirrel and Hedgehog is a 1970s North Korean action tv show for children. A second series, picking up where the original left off, began production in the 2000s providing a new conclusion at 31 or 33 episodes (2 are unconfirmed but may be TV Specials).



Squirrel and Hedgehog is set in a world of anthropomorphic (kind of like Sonic the Hedgehog style) characters. Specifically it's set in Flower Hill, a community populated chiefly by Squirrels and Hedgehogs and protected from neighboring communities (one of mice the other of weasels) by a great bear. At least, they where until the Weasel's got the bear drunk one day and he was unable to protect Flower Hill- having passed out from consumption. Realizing they could not rely on Bear to protect them anymore the critters of Flower Hill decide to defend themselves with a modern military setting the tone for the entire series which focuses on the ongoing battles to defend Flower Hill. The 1970s run ends in a great victory and peace- at least until the 2000s brought a second season in. With season two comes a new faction, one chiefly of grey wolves who unlike the previous foes actually win from time to time. The wolves arrived in light of the mice and weasels failing and intend to turn the situation in those factions favor. The second season is actually a well written political thriller with assassinations, executions, espionage, and a real sense of risk and resistance with the same characters as before bridging a generational gap.



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The show consists of a total of 31 or 33 episodes.

Season One (1970s)[]

Season Two (2000s)[]


Squirrel and Hedgehog was created by SNK in the capital of North Korea to explain to the children of the state that DPRK needs a strong military for it could no longer rely on the Soviet Union (the Bear) for protection anymore due to the Sinto-Soviet Split. It was so successful as a series that it soon began focus even more strongly on militarism and community. With the Mice and Weasels continuing to represent South Korea and Japan respectfully. The 2000s season's introduction of the wolves is meant to represent what it would mean if the United States of America where to get militarily involved in the Korean Peninsula with their activities representing what horrors North Koreans are to expect should their land be occupied by the US.


Squirrel and Hedgehog is the most popular children show in North Korea having due to it's 2000s revival outlived all others in the small nation. It has only a limited fandom outside the DPRK. It's largely seen as negative outside the DPRK for normalizing extreme violence.

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