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Star Street

Star Street is a Dutch children's cartoon that was popular both in Benelux and in the United Kingdom. The protagonists were pink big-nosed creatures comically fashioned after horoscopes of the western zodiac and was set on a small star-shaped planet in the outer reaches of the universe. The antagonists were green blobbish creatures known appropriately as blobs governed by an even larger pink blob creature. The series was produced by Telescreen. Telecable Benelux B.V. is the company that currently owns the rights to the show. The show began airing some time in 1989. It aired 26 episodes and was directed by Mike Svayko.


Leo: the brave, friendly, cheerful leader of the group.

Libby: the mother figure and generous mother figure.

Virgy: the beautiful, pretty, gorgeous girl of the group.

Aries: the cheerful, understanding, cheerful chap who always understands his friends.

Torus: the friendly, encouraging chap who always understands what his friends are doing.

Bubbles: the lovable, cheerful, encouraging and a dreamer at heart.

Moon: the cook and sweet aunt of the village.

Sagi: the cupid of the group and the great chap.

Capicorn: the wise understanding old leader of the group.

Gemi and Gemo; the playful cheerful, lovable twins who always help out the older star kids.

Scorpio: the brain head of the group and the milk hater who always hates milk meetsa purple cow in progress.

Aquarius: the young pirate who lives in the arctic.


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