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Star Trek title card

Star Trek, known more commonly today as Star Trek: The Animated Series, is an animated Sci-Fi Adventure series created by Gene Roddenberry and based on his live action TV show of the same name. It was created as a follow up to the live action series which had by that time been taken off the air. It follows the Enterprise on the last two years of it's five year mission.


Star Trek aired 22 episodes over a span of two seasons from the 8th of September 1973 to 12th of October 1974.


Ending Credits

Season One[]

  1. Beyond the Farthest Star - Stardate 5521.3; Pulled towards an imploded negative star mass, the Enterprise encounters a strange starship inhabited by a shapeless evil being. When the creature takes control of the ship, Captain Kirk uses bold tactics to convince the creature that it is being lured to it's death.
  2. Yesteryear - Stardate 5373.4; Following a venture with the powerful Guardian of Forever Mr. Spock is removed from history, despite being very much present aboard the Enterprise. A distant memory allows him to formulate a plan to restore himself to the this timeline, by pretending to be his own cousin in the past.
  3. One of Our Planets Is Missing

Season Two[]


Star Trek: The Animated Series made use of some scripts written for the show that where considered too costly to produce. It also called in science fiction writers from the day to write new scripts.

Voice Cast[]

The Animated Series has the voices of the live action actors except for the actor who portrays Chekov though he did get to write an episode.

  • William Shatner: James T. Kirk
  • Leonard Nemoy: Spock
  • Majel Barrett-Roddenberry: Nurse Chapel, M'Ress


  • Executive Consultant: Gene Rodenberry
  • General Manager: Rock Benedetto
  • Art Director: Don Christensen
  • Director of Color: Ervin Kaplan
  • Background Artists:
  • Layout:
  • Special Effects Animation: Reuben Timmins
  • Animators:
  • Storyboard: Sherman Labby, Paul Fennele, Dale Hale, Jack Miller, Micheal O'Connor, Louise Sandoval, Ken Southworth, Dawn Huntley