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Star Wars Droids

Star Wars: Droids (aka Star Wars: Droids - The Adventures of C-3PO and R2-D2) is a Canadian American Animated series that follows the Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO before the events of Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. Thanks to the prequels the series has become none canon.


Star Wars: Droids is stated as taking place before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and has since (as of Episode 3) become none canonical. The series follows the two droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, during the 'Rise of the Empire' era. The two droids serve a variety of masters during the series as they encounter some notable characters from 'Return of the Jedi' such as IG-88 and Buba Fett. The series ends before informing us how the two came to serve Captain Antilles but was successful enough to launch a comic book series that expanded on existing stories and added new ones.


The series aired 13 episodes from the 7th of September 1985 till the 7th of June the next year.

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Broadcast Order[]

  1. The White Witch
  2. Escape Into Terror
  3. The Trigon Unleashed
  4. A Race to the Finish
  5. The Lost Prince
  6. The New King
  7. The Pirates of Tarnoonga
  8. The Revenge of Kybo Ren
  9. Cody and the Starhunters
  10. Trail of the Roon Comets
  11. The Roon Games
  12. Across the Roon Sea
  13. The Frozen Citadel

Special: The Great Heep - The Great Heep is a prequel to 'Trail of the Roon Comets' and has a run time of 48 minutes making it a feature length film. It tells the story of how the two came to be in service to Baobab and Admiral Screege's rivalry with Baobab.

Fan Order[]

While the series is now incapable of being canon due to the prequels attempts at working the series into an order that set the two up for their activities in Star Wars: A New Hope where made. The order begins with only a light Imperial presence and has the Empire and rebellion increase in presence as the show carries on. The order is as follows;

  1. The Lost Prince
  2. The New King
  3. The Pirates of Tarnooga
  4. The Revenge of Kybo Ren
  5. Cody and the Starhunters
  6. The Great Heep
  7. Trail of the Roon Comets
  8. The Roon Games
  9. Across the Roon Sea
  10. The Frozen Citadel
  11. The White Witch
  12. Escape into Terror
  13. The Trigon Unleashed
  14. A Race to the Finish

By fan logic this order shows an increase in Imperial activity as the show continues and the ending of 'A Race to the Finish' leaves the two open for being picked up by the Tantive IV, and the story arch which involves the rebels, and a super weapon fitting preludes for Episode IV. Fans also state that the presence of Admiral Screege and Nurgon Fourteen would only make sense if viewers know who both of them are, which requires such to be explained via 'The Lost Prince' and 'The Great Heap'. Amazingly the order works wonderfully with Baobab loosing the two in a gambling game to a smuggler prior to 'The White Witch' and the two leaving in an escape pod at the end of 'A Race to the Finish'.



  • Anthony Danials as C-3PO


  • Producer: George Lucas


The intro music is 'In Trouble Again'. The song was written and performed by Stewart Copeland of The Police, a band popular in the 1980s.

Steppin' softly in a danger zone
No weapon in my hand
It's just this brain, designed by man
It's got me in trouble again
In trouble again
I put my life in jeopardy
In the service of my friends
I wouldn't care but it's a dangerous affair
'Cause I’m in trouble again, trouble again
In trouble, in trouble, in trouble


The show provides the basis for a Comic book series; Star Wars: Droids.


Star Wars: Droids was considered part of the canonical Expanded Universe for some time. Issue with it first arose with the release of Episode One (which has C-3PO being made by Anikan which is counter to the chronology of the Droids series which has him being the product of Human Cyborg Relations like other 3PO units), and with Episode Three ending with C-3PO in service to Captain Antilles. It would not be untill after the release of Episode Three that George Lucas would officially revoked this series from Canon, and such wouldn't be enforced untill Disney got a hold of the rights to Star Wars and denounced the majority of the Expanded Universe.