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Teen Wolf (known as The Cartoon Adventures of Teen Wolf in it's UK release) is a 1986 animated TV series based on the 1986 live action film, Teen Wolf. It was produced by Southern Star, and Clubhouse Pictures from 1986 to 1987. Lasting two seasons of twenty-one episodes from September 13, 1986 to November 7, 1987.



Scott Howard - The main character who is a teenaged werewolf.


Grandma Howard

Grandpa Howard

Harold Howard

Lupe Howard - Scott's adorable and pretty little sister.

Boof - Scott's tomboyishly beautiful love interest.

Stiles - Scott's best friend who is a hustler.


  1. "Teen Wolf's Family Secret"
  2. "The Werewolf Buster"
  3. "Shopworn Wolf"
  4. "The Beast Within"
  5. "Up a Family Tree"
  6. "Grandpa's In the Doghouse"
  7. "Wolf Pride"
  8. "Wolf of My Dreams"
  9. "Leader of the Pack"
  10. "The Curse of the Red Paw"
  11. "The All-American Werewolf"
  12. "Under My Spell"
  13. "Teen Wolf Punks Out"
  14. "Teen Wolf's Curse"
  15. "It's No Picnic Being Teen Wolf"
  16. "Toot Toot Tut Tut and All That Rot"
  17. "Down on the Farm"
  18. "Diary of a Mad Werewolf"
  19. "Teen Wolf Come Home"
  20. "Scott and the Howlers"
  21. "Howlin' Cousins " howl at the moon

Changes from the Movie[]