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The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan (aka The Amazing Chan Clan) is a 1972 Australian American Mystery series produced by Hanna-Barbara Productions featuring the character of Charlie Chan, who was a popular detective character in the 1920s and 40s.



The series only lasted one season of sixteen episodes in 1972.

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The characters of this show where created by Earl Derr Biggers who created the character of Charlie Chan in the year 1919. A character that would have his own live action film series. Earl Derr Bigger's reasons for making the character was to combat Chinese American stereotyping he experienced in California as an American of Chinese decent. Shortly after Earl Derr Bigger's 88th Birthday this series began to air. The episodes where written by Dennis Marks, and directed by Josiph Barbara and William Hanna with animation being carried out by Eric Porter Studios in Australia. The initial voice cast was at one point recast during the series run as the actor's thick accents where deemed difficult to understand by some audiences.