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The Greatest Miracle (Spanish: El Gran Milagro) is a 2011 drama-religion animated mexican movie making the first mexican CGI film with a run time of 69 minutes.


The Greatest Miracle is an inspiring story that reveals hope and faith. The story revolves around three characters in crisis: Monica, a widowed mother of a 9 year old boy who is trying her best to keep her home. Don Chema, a public transport driver who receives the news of an illness that could lead to the death of his son, and Doña Cata, an elderly woman who feels that her mission in this life is over. The stories intertwine as they feel a great need to be in church. With the help of the guardian angels, they will witness the true meaning of the mass, a constant struggle between good and evil, and the triumph of faith.


  • Emilio Guerrero as Mr. Chema
  • Erica Edwards as Mónica
  • Raúl Anaya as Fernando
  • Joanna Brito as Mrs. Cata
  • Ana Teresa Silva as Trini
  • Alan García as Diego
  • Ernesto Casillas as Toño
  • Vicky Burgoa as Mrs. Jose
  • Luis Armando Avila as Priest
  • Ricardo Omar Ceceña as Angel
  • Raúl Torres Rodríguez as Jesús
  • José Luis Miranda as Locksmith