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La Increible Historia del Niño de Piedra

The Incredible Story of the Stone Boy (Spanish: La Increíble Historia del Niño de Piedra) is a 2015 mexican adventure-musical-comedy animated movie based on the book by Nadia González. This movie had a running time of 70 minutes making the shortest mexican movie in 2D animation. It's directed by Miguel Ángel Uriegas, Jaime Romandía, Pablo Aldrete and Miguel Bonilla in which features 4 original songs composed by Julieta Venegas.


The story centers on a colorful town of the Huasteca Tamaulipeca in México where we see that a child for getting angry with life begins to stop feeling and turns to stone, so Marina and his cousins they decide to help him by taking him to the distant land of the senses so that he can regain his five senses.


  • Melissa Gedeón as Marina
  • Emilio Rafael Treviño as Tito
  • Melissa Gutiérrez as Teté
  • José Lavat as Viento del Sur
  • Rosalba Sotelo as Hada de la Vida
  • German Fabregat as Don Florentino Abundancio
  • Iván Bastidas as El Niño de Piedra/Roly Molón