The Incredibles
The Incredibles is a 2004 Pixar animated feature film.


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Determining when the film takes place is slightly tricky. The year 1962 is printed on the Metroville Tribune with the article on Simon J. Paladino(Gazerbeam)'s disappearance. The article notes that he was a long time advocate of Superhero Rights which lead many to speculate that he himself was a super. The NSA files indicate that a Pro-Bono Lawyer was his secret identity so he was a lawyer while doing Hero work. The various 'cape related' deaths mentioned by Edna (and shown in clips) all take place in the 1950s (with specific dates of 1957 and 58 being mentioned) which shows that supers where still active in the 50s. A fact further supported by the NSA files (found in the bonus disk) which state that following Dynaguy's death the Thrilling Three's leader, Gazerbeam, replaced him. Dynaguy was one the various super heroes sued during the 'sued' montage. Being sued could have only happened before his death. Next to consider is Syndrome's age. He is 25 in the film which is set 15 years after the prologue (as stated by Syndrome). Making him 10 as Incrediboy. Gazerbeam was the 15th Super to be killed by Syndrome's robot, and this would have happened in the year 1962. Only two other heroes where killed before Mr. Incredible was lured to the island. We don't know how much time passed between Gazerbeam's death and Mr. Incredible's arrival to the island. We do know that it was enough for Gazerbeam to be reduced to bone in a cave. He obviously didn't arrive as bones and had enough time to carve the name Kronos into the cave wall with his laser vision- which also indicates that he found out about the project. Since Violet and Dash remain the same age over the course of the film we can assume that it takes place in the same year which puts the Incrediboy sequence and the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Parr in the year 1947 with Violet being born the following year as she is 14 at the time of the film which is set 15 years after the Incrediboy sequence.


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