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The Jetsons title card

The Jetsons is an American animated sitcom set in a world of robots, aliens, and advanced technology. The series began airing in the year 1962 and ceased airing in 1963 only to have new episodes released and aired between 1985 and 1987.


The Jetsons focuses around the day to day life of the titicular family - The Jetsons. George Jetson works as a button pusher at Spacely Sprockets where his job is to turn on production at the start of the day and turn off production at the end of the day. His wife occasionally finds work but is largely content to live off the income George receives- which is enough to sustain a rather liberal shopping life while the home's robotic maid keeps the residence tidy. Their teenage daughter is more often then not out on the town with her mother and George being rather concerned about her dating life. Their son Elroy is a genius for his age and constantly working to invent something useful or fun with what allowance his parents provide.



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Notes on the Setting[]

The Jetsons takes place in the year 2062.