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The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration (aka The Land Before Time: The Great Migration) is the tenth film in The Land Before Time film series. It is an animated musical adventure published direct to video on the second of December in the year 2003.


Littlefoot has nightmares involving the "Great Circle", and when he mentions it to his grandparents, they reveal they are sharing the experience, with Grandpa lamenting that they need to go somewhere. Led only by their instinct, they leave the next day. Out of curiosity, Cera, Spike, Ducky, and Petrie follow them. During their trek, Littlefoot and his grandparents are joined by Sue, a Supersaurus who is driven on by the same sense as Littlefoot and his grandparents. The group is joined by dozens of other Longnecks feeling the same instincts. Meanwhile, Littlefoot's friends meet Pat, an elderly Apatosaurus.

Littlefoot's herd reaches a large crater where hundreds of Longnecks have gathered. There, he meets his father, Bron, for the first time. After been separated from his mate in anearthshake, he has become guardian to a young Brachiosaurus, Shorty, who becomes jealous of Littlefoot taking all of his father's attention. Meanwhile, Pat shares to Littlefoot's friends that the Longnecks are being driven by a tradition involving a solar eclipse, which was taken as a sign that the Sun will be sent crashing down into the Earth. Every solar eclipse, Longnecks from all around the world gather in one location to stretch their necks up and "catch" the Sun, so they can propel it back up into the sky. Soon after, Pat steps into a pool of magma, which scalds his leg, but he is still able to move.

On the day of the eclipse, Littlefoot wakes up to see Shorty traveling over the crater walls and running away, out of spite for being ignored by Bron. He catches up to Shorty and convinces him to stay; the two reconcile and agree to see themselves as brothers. Moments later, as Littlefoot reunites with his friends, a Sharptooth attacks the group. Pat defends the children but is slowed down by his injured leg. Bron rushes to their aid and defends them from the Sharptooth, only for it to be joined by two other Sharpteeth. Littlefoot's grandparents assist in the fight as well. As soon as the three Sharpteeth are defeated, the eclipse occurs, and the sudden darkness scares away the Sharpteeth.

Littlefoot, his grandparents, Bron, and Pat take their place among the other Longnecks, who have all gathered on top of the crater walls. They succeed in "catching" the Sun, and everyone rejoices as the eclipse ends. With their mission completed, the different Longneck herds depart on their separate ways. Sue departs with an Ultrasaurus. Littlefoot's friends ask Pat to come live with them in the Great Valley, which he accepts. Littlefoot is initially hesitant in leaving Bron, as he is the leader of a migratory herd, but he eventually realizes that he belongs in the Great Valley. Accepting this, Bron leaves with Shorty and his herd, promising to keep in touch with Littlefoot and visit him. Littlefoot returns to the Valley with his friends, grandparents, and Pat.

Related Works[]

The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration is related to the rest of The Land Before Time film series. It is preceded by The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water and followed by The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses.


The film was produced by


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  • Director: Charles Grosvenor
  • Producer: Charles Grosvenor
  • Writer: John Loy
  • Editor: Jay Bixsen
  • Composer: Micheal Tavera