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The Legend of the Chaneques

The Legend of the Chaneques (in spanish as La Leyenda de los Chaneques) is a 2023 mexican animated movie directed by Marvick Nuñéz (The League of 5). It's the seventh installment in the Legends film series produced by Ánima.


Five years after giving up his powers and separating from his friends, Leo San Juan has started a new life trying to concentrate on his family and the bakery, away from danger and adventures. However, Leo knows that his plans rarely come true and this time is no exception: while on a trip with Nando in Veracruz, things start to get strange. From deep in the jungle of Los Tuxtlas, an ancient curse has returned and only Leo can face it.


  • Benny Emmanuel as Leo San Juan
  • Emilio Treviño as Nando San Juan
  • Mayté Cordeiro as Teodora Villavicencio
  • Annie Rojas as Xóchitl Ahuactzin
  • Eduardo España as Evaristo
  • Paola Ramones as Moribunda
  • Jesús Guzmán as Finado
  • Gabriel Basurto as Alebrije
  • Andrés Couturier as Don Andrés
  • Jorge Rafael as Diego
  • Lupita Leal as Jimena
  • Rolando de Castro as Saúl
  • Jaime Vega as Cenobio
  • Alejandro Villeli as Brujo
  • Blas García as Charro Negro


The film began production in 2021 (the year in which The Legends Origin was completed), but it was not until August 2022 that some unfinished backgrounds for the new instalment were leaked and the rumours began.


The music will be provided by Leoncio Lara (who had already composed the music for the previous instalments).


As well as The Legends Origin, this movie will not have a theatrical release but will be released on the Vix platform on July 14, 2023


There is speculation that there will be other films as a prequel that would tell the origin of Alebrije and Don Andrés and another where Toñita San Juan (Leo's grandmother) met Xóchitl and Teodora when she was a child.

But in aspects of the saga at the end of the saga it is confirmed that there will be another instalment in which an old villain will return.