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The Legends Origin

The Legends Origin (or Las Leyendas: El Origen in Spanish) is a 2022 Mexican animated comedy-horror fantasy movie produced by Ánima Estudios, directed by Ricardo Arnaiz and released on August 10 in the streaming platform Vix+ the film it was a prequel of The Legend of Nahuala and the whole film saga.


In the past in the underworld a place called Calaca Town, two sugar skulls called Finado and Moribunda discovers the eternal mirror where they found a human baby.


  • Paola Ramones as Moribunda
  • Emiliano Ugarte as Finado
  • Liliana Barba as Baby Leo San Juan
  • Alex Casas as Chimo
  • Daniela Ibáñez as Eva
  • Eduardo España as Evaristo
  • Bruno Bichir as Aniceto
  • Priscila Álvarez "Cajafresca" as Moira
  • Tommy Rojas as Pascual
  • Germán Fabregat as Deveriux
  • Mayte Cordeiro as Teodora Villavicencio
  • Annie Rojas as Xóchitl Ahuactzin


Around November 2018, the YouTube channel of the Cinépolis cinema chain uploaded a teaser showing the sugar skulls with a new design, hinting that another instalment of the saga was on the way.

Between April and May 2019, it is known that the next installment will be titled The Legend of the Finado and Moribunda, implying that it will not be a story that continues the events of the last adventure, but rather a spin-off focused on these characters.

It is also confirmed that Ricardo Arnaiz (the director and original creator of the characters) would return to direct this new instalment.

However, in November of the same year, a new teaser was uploaded now under the name of The Legends Origin where it could be seen that it would now be a prequel to the first film.


After several delays due to the pandemic, the film failed to make it to the cinema and ended up being released on 10 August via the Vix+ platform.


A few days before the premiere, it was rumoured that there would be a seventh installment called The Legend of the Chaneques.

The production of the film was confirmed in March 2023 and it is expected to be released after Aztec Batman: Clash of Empires on HBO Max.