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The Pet is a 1921 animated monster film, created as part of Winsor McCays Dream of the Rarebit Fiend animated series, based on his comic strip of the same name. It is considered the first "Giant Monster Attacking a City" film, and a rather dark peice of Animation.


Col. B, and Mrs. B are in bed when Col. B interrupts Mrs. B's sleep by informing her that he has again ate a Rarebit before going to bed, and is concerned, as he has such peculiar dreams after doing so. His wife tells him he should have know better, and to just go into the dream so she can get some sleep.

The dream begins with a rather odd animal (like a dogish bear) approaching the open door of a house, and meowing to get some attention. As it approaches the door it gets smaller, and is soon noticed by Mrs. B who instantly finds the creature adorable. She bathes the creature, and names it Cutey. Col. B returns to find the creature prancing in their yard. He's not happy that she has taken the creature in, but allows her to keep it. The woman gives the creature some milk from a saucer, which causes it to grow.

She tucks it into it's own bed, and tells it to sleep however, shortly after she leaves the creature gets out of it's bed, and gets into bed with the couple. Col. B leaves the bed, and spends the night on the sofa. When he awakes he witnesses the creature grow again, before it heads into the kitchen, where Mrs. B is preparing breakfast. The family cat hisses at Cutey, and becomes the creatures meal with Mr. and Mrs. B unawares. At the table the couple has a conversation, most likely about what might have happened to the cat. Cutey joins them at the table, and begins to eat the entire meal, plates, and all. Col. B is upset by this, and complains before leaving the table. Mrs. B goes into tears before also leaving, as the creature continues to eat.

The film then cut to Col. B entering a drug story, and asking the clerk how he can kill the latest pet his wife has found. The Clerk quickly provides him with rat poison, which he orders in a barrel. Back home, the creature gorges it's self on the coal used to heat the house, before going on to sample the furniture, and decor. Col. B returns home to find the creature has grown to a rather frightening size. After the creature squirts the couple with water, Col. B approaches the creature with the rat poison, which it then eats. The creature begins to shake violently, and break out into boils, which Mrs. B sees much to her horror. The creature however quickly recovers, and flees the household. Mr. B goes directly to the police about the creature, urging them to kill it on sight.

The creature is now of such a size as to feast upon entire buildings. The air force comes in, and carpet bombs the creature, destroying not only it, but the entire city as well.



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Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend: The Pet (Silent, English Intertitles)

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