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The Tale of the Fox (French: Le Roman de Renard, German: Reinecke Fuchs) is a 1937 film based on the Reynard epics. The picture was created by Ladislas Starvich. The animation was finished in Paris, France however technical difficutlies prevented the film from having a sound. Eventually the Nazi regiem granted funding for the soundtrack, and the film premiered in Berlin on April 10, 1937. It was not until 1941 that a French Soundtrack was finally provided, allowing the feature to be released in France on April 10, 1941. The film has a runtime of 65 minutes.


In the kingdom of animals, the fox Renard is used to tricking and fooling everyone. Consequently, the King, receives more and more complaints. Finally, he orders Renard to be arrested, and brought before the throne.



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Le Roman de Renard (French with English Subtitles, Full)

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