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The Three Wise Men (Spanish: Los 3 Reyes Magos) is the first mexican animated movie who had a release on 1976, it is a musical-comedy-adventure-fantasy adaptation about the birth of jesus and the journey of the kings from the east to Belén. This movie had a run time of 85 minutes, its produced by Anim-Art Producciones and the direction was provided by Fernando Ruiz and Adolfo Torres Portillo.



  • Jorge Sánchez Fogarty as Archangel Gabriel
  • Azucena Rodríguez as Virgin María
  • José Lavat as José the Carpenter
  • Gloria Rocha as Belén's Star
  • Manuel de la Llata as Melchor
  • Rocío Garcel as Yana and Melchor's Daugthers
  • Alberto Gavira as Gaspar
  • Olga Donna-Dío as Darío
  • Armando Coria Sr. as Baltazar
  • Juan Domingo Méndez as Bunga
  • Guillermo Portillo Acosta as Prince Olbaid/Diablo
  • Victor Alcocer as Herodes the Great
  • Jaime Vega as Centurion
  • Fernando Ruiz as Murcio