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The troublemaker der storenfried german title card

Der Störenfried (The Troublemaker) is a German animated propaganda film published in 1940. The full film consists of 12 minutes.


The animals of the forest awaken. A magpie sees that a fox lurks in the forest and alerted the police bird and the hare father. For three rabbits the warning comes too late: the fox takes the rabbit girl and takes it to its construction. The two hare brothers tell a hedgehog howling. He is already wearing his spine uniform and is bringing his men together to fight them against the fox. He also asks the wasp squadron of the Wespenhorst Bullenwiese to support the hedgehogs in the fight against the fox, and the wasps rise.

The fox begins to heat a kettle for the rabbit girl, and crushes firewood. By means of the other animals of the forest, including the hare father, the hedgehogs are gradually catapulted to the cataract, and soon the fox nailed to a tree with their spiny uniform. Now the wasps go down on him and pierce him. Also that does not keep the fox going back to its construction. A hake kid kills the fox with eggs. When the egg-laying chicken wants to hatch his eggs in the hurry right on the catapult, the fox wants to attack it and is slain by the stone falling down on the catapult. Then the animals of the forest dance.

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Der Störenfried


The film was produced by Bavaria Film and directed by Hans Held who had previously worked on commercials before the second world war. This was his only military centered production during the war with the rest of his work being none political in nature


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