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Thumbelina (Russian: Дюймовочка; Dyuymovochka) is the first animated production of Hans Christian Anderson's Thumbelina. The film is about a little girl, who has only grown to be an inch tall, and of her adventures in the big world. Overcoming many troubles, and much turmoil in her journey, while meeting the good, and the not so good.


She was kind and gave the woman a barley seed, from which a beautiful flower grew in a pot. When the bud opened, there was a little little girl no bigger than an inch tall . Therefore, she was called Thumbelina.

Thumbelina was very friendly and sweet. She lived on the dressing table of her foster mother and slept in a crib of nutshell. Once it was noticed by the marsh Toad and decided that Thumbelina could become a perfect pair for her son. At night, Toad stole the sleeping Thumbelina and brought it to her son. They placed Thumbelina on a leaf of a water lily .

But the girl did not want to marry Jaba's son. She wept bitterly and the Fish came to help the little girl. They called the Hermit Cancer, who bit his leaf-stalk with his claw, the Moths picked up the Thumbelina's belt and the sheet floated along the water. The toads rushed to the chase. The belt suddenly tore and the Toads already almost caught up with the girl, but at that moment the beetle picked it up on the fly. It was the Beetle-Gentleman, he transferred it to a tree where he had a dwelling and invited Thumbelina to become his wife. Thumbelina liked the proposals of the Beetle-gentleman, but the problem was that she herself did not like Zhuk's friends, and he immediately refused it.

Poor Thumbelina was left to live alone in the forest. So she lived all summer, and in the late fall, Thumbelina, freezing, discovered the Field Mouse, which sheltered her in her burrow. The mouse decided to arrange the happiness of the girl, giving her to marry her rich neighbor Mole. The mole was very wealthy and mean. He liked that Thumbelina ate very little, and he agreed to marry. The girl did not want to marry Mole and did not want to live in a dungeon. She asked to go upstairs to say goodbye to the sun, and there unexpectedly met the Swallow, who once, dying, saved and cured.

The swallow took Thumbelina into the warm regions. There, the girl was met by elves, and the Elven Prince offered her a hand and heart.




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