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Top Cat (TV Series)

Top Cat is an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and originally broadcast in prime time on the ABC network. It aired in a weekly evening time slot from September 27, 1961 to April 18, 1962 for a single season of 30 episodes. The show was a ratings failure in prime time, but found a receptive audience in a Saturday morning time slot.


The central character, Top Cat (T.C.) (voice of character comedian Arnold Stang) is the leader of a gang of Manhattan alley cats living in Hoagy's Alley: Fancy-Fancy, Spook, Benny the Ball, Brain, and Choo-Choo.

Top Cat and his gang were inspired by the East Side Kids, humorous tough characters from a series of 1940s B movies, but their more immediate roots lay in The Phil Silvers Show (1955–59), a successful military comedy whose lead character (Sergeant Bilko, played by Silvers) was a crafty con man. Maurice Gosfield, who played Private Duane Doberman in The Phil Silvers Show, provided the voice for Benny the Ball in Top Cat, and Benny's rotund appearance was based on Gosfield's. Also, Arnold Stang's vocal characterization was originally based on an impression of Phil Silvers's voice. During the original network run, the sponsor objected to the Silvers impersonation -- insisting that he was buying Arnold Stang, not Phil Silvers -- so in later episodes Stang modified the Top Cat voice, as a closer approximation of his own voice.

The gang constantly attempts to earn a quick buck, usually through illegal scams, and a frequent plot thread revolved around the local beat cop, Charles "Charlie" Dibble (voiced by veteran character actor Allen Jenkins), ineffectually trying to evict them from the alley and stop them using the policebox phone.

Main Characters[]

  • Top Cat
  • Benny the Ball
  • Choo-Choo
  • Spook
  • Fancy-Fancy
  • Brain
  • Officer Dibble




On 1988 they premiered a TV movie called Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats

In 2011 for the sucess of the series in L.A. for his spanish dub, Top Cat: The Movie produced by Ánima Estudios and Illussion Studios was released in México, Brasil, Argentina and later in other countries making him a huge sucess at the Mexican cinema history (this movie marks the end of the series).

In 2015 another movie produced by Ánima Estudios, but now done in CGI Animation called Top Cat Begins was premiered working as a prequel as much of the series like the other 2 movies. But this film was not a great success like the previous one, as it lasted a short time in Mexican theatres due to its harsh reviews and its poor reception at the box office.