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Top Cat The Movie

Top Cat: The Movie (Spanish: Don Gato y su Pandilla or Don Gato y su Pandilla: La Película) is a 2011 mexican-argentinian movie directed by Alberto Mar and based on the Top Cat series created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, which had a running time of 90 minutes.


The story focus when Top Cat is blamed by a crime who they didn't committed, the gang he will have to not only rescue him but also the entire New York city since he fell into a high technology tyranny carried out by the new police boss Lou Strickland.

Spanish Cast[]

  • Raúl Anaya as Top Cat
  • Jesús Guzmán as Brain
  • Jorge Arvizu "El Tata" as Choo-Choo and Benny the Ball
  • Eduardo Garza as Fancy-Fancy
  • Luis Fernando Orozco as Spook
  • Sebastián Llapur as Officer Dibble
  • Rosalba Sotelo as Trixie
  • Mario Castañeda as Lou Strickland
  • Ricardo Tejedo as Griswald

English Cast[]

  • Jason Harris as Top Cat, Brain and Choo-Choo
  • Chris Edgerly as Benny the Ball
  • Matthew Piazzi as Fancy-Fancy
  • Ben Diskin as Spook
  • Bill Lobley as Officer Dibble
  • Melissa Disney as Trixie
  • Rob Schneider as Lou Strickland
  • Danny Trejo as Griswald


The film has a prequel to it called Top Cat Begins, released on 2015 and it takes place before the 2011 movie, Beverly Hills TV movie and the series.