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Trolley Troubles is a 1927 animated short film produced and directed by Walt Disney, and Ub Iwerks for Universal Pictures. The short is the first appearance of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who would latter become the basis for Disney's Mickey Mouse.


Oswald is preparing a trolley to transport his Bunny Kids and other animal characters, but there are some obstacles. One is a cow that walks onto the tracks and refuses to move until Oswald drives the trolley underneath her. Oswald thinks that all is well until the hill gets steep. Oswald uses a goat to get the trolley up the hill; then down the hill. The trolley unexpectedly goes onto a bumpy track, tossing Oswald's Bunny Kids out of the trolley. Oswald prays that he'll live; takes off his foot and rubs it on his head (as per the saying that a rabbit's foot gives you good luck). Eventually the trolley crashes into a river and becomes a raft. Oswald uses a big stick to row it downstream.

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Trolley Troubles