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Ulysses 31 (French: Ulysse 31 Japanese: 宇宙伝説ユリシーズ31 Uchū Densetsu Yurishīzu Sātīwan) is a French-Japanese animated Science Fantasy Television series that merges elements of Greek Mythology with a cosmic odyssey. After departing from the planet Troy to return to Earth Commander Ulysses's ship detects a previously uncharted planet from which Ulysses's son is abducted. The natives intend to sacrifice him to the great Cyclops, a massive machine created by Posieden. Ulysses saves his son and two others from this sacrifice but with the Cyclops slain the planet begins to destroy it's self. The native high priest calls upon Posieden to punish Ulysses as the planet explodes. Drawn into a black hole and pulled to another part of the galaxy with the way home removed from the data banks the gods of that region of space proclaim that until Ulysses finds the Kingdom of Hades his crew shall be stone. The series had it's original run on FR3 from October 10, 1981 until April 3, 1982.


  1. Vengeance of the Gods - Returning form a campaign on planet Troy Commander Ulysses's ship detects a previously uncharted planet whose inhabitants abduct his son. Ulysses saves his son, and destroys the mechanical Cyclops the natives worship- which draws the ire of Zeus condemning Ulysses to wander the void of space until he finds the Kingdom of Hades.
  2. Flowers of Fear - Now in Olympian controlled space, his crew suspended in animation to a near death like state, Ulysses locates a vast Hospital that seems utterly abandoned. He travels there hoping for away to revive his crew but the alien child he rescued on the Planet of the Cyclops goes alone after he leaves seeking to revive her brother. It's only then that Ulysses discovered the reason for the station being abandoned and now must save not only his son, but the child and her older brother from a growing threat.
  3. The Black Sphere -

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