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Uma & Haggen

Uma & Haggen (or Uma and Haggen and in spanish as Uma y Haggen: Princesa y Vikingo) it's a 2024 mexican epic sci-fi fantasy steampunk animated film directed by Benito Fernández and produced by Ithrax Producciones (the creators of Guardians of the Lost Code), making his second feature film released in 14 years.


Uma and Haggen are two children from totally opposite fantasy worlds. Each one's mission leads them to be the only ones capable of saving their respective societies and to achieve their mission through unity and adventure.


  • Melissa Gedeón as Uma
  • Oliver Díaz as Haggen
  • Alondra Hidalgo as The Godess
  • Laura Torres as Nana
  • Héctor Emmanuel Gómez as Axxin/Engineer
  • Karla Falcón as Tezlah
  • Julia Ines Oropeza and Sarah Cristina Fernández as Nita
  • Jesse Conde as Fungo
  • Humberto Velez as Great Priest Ulom
  • Jorge Badillo as Xannos
  • Idzi Dutkiewicz as Rothgar


The production it started on 2010.


The score will be composed by Juan Manuel Langarica (who had previously worked in Guardians of the Lost Code) and will have a total of 6 original songs written for the film.


The film is ready to be released on the big screen during January 4, 2024.


Benito Fernández confirmed that he is developing a trilogy and therefore this would be the first instalment.