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Valley of the Dinosaurs is an American animated Saturday-morning TV show produced by Hanna-Barbera as educational programming concerning dinosaurs, and the life of early man. It aired on CBS from September 7, 1974 to December 21 of the same year.

Opening Narrative[]

"Deep in the heart of the Amazon, the Butler family was exploring an uncharted river canyon when suddenly caught up in a violent whirlpool, they were propelled though an underground cavern, and flung into a hostile world of giant prehistoric creatures. A world that time forgot, now befriended by a family of cave dwellers, each passing day is a lesson in survival for the Butlers in the VALLEY OF THE DINOSAURS!"

Episodes and Viewing Links[]


  1. "Forbidden Fruit"--Greg takes fruit from a tree that tribal law says is to be kept only for a brontosaurus.
  2. "What Goes Up"--Army ants attack the village.
  3. "A Turned Turtle"--Kim, Katie, and Lok visit a hermit who may know a way out of the valley.
  4. "Smoke Screen"--The Butlers anger ape-like creatures, and the families must prevent the creatures from attacking the village.
  5. "Volcano"--The village is in the path of lava from an active volcano, and the families must work to divert the lava and save everyone.
  6. "Pteranodon"--Kim falls ill and the families must gather all the ingredients for the medicine Gara is making to help her.
  7. "The Sabertooth Kids"--Glump gets lost, and Greg and Tana try to find him.
  8. "After Shock"--The Keeper of the Waters, which the tribe believes keeps the water safe to drink, is destroyed in an earthquake.
  9. "Top Cave, Please"--Lok is accused of a crime he didn't commit, and the two families must work together to free him and clear his name.
  10. "SOS"--When Tana sees a plane flying over the valley, the Butlers see a chance of being rescued.
  11. "Fire"--The villagers flee a forest fire, and nomads steal from the empty caves.
  12. "Rain of Meteors"--One of the Sky People is injured while poaching on Gorok's tribal land, and the families must do what they can to avoid a war.
  13. "To Fly A Kite"--The Butlers find their old first aid kit, but need to retrieve it from prehistoric pack rats in time to help Lok.
  14. "Test Flight"--John builds a glider.
  15. "The Big Toothache"--A sabertooth and her family come down from the mountains.
  16. "Torch"--It is the Feast of Plenty in the valley, and marauders plan a raid.


  • Valley-of-the-dinosaurs-characters

    L-R; Gara, Kim, John, Greg, Katie, Gorok, Digger, Lok, and Tana.

  • Digger - The Butler Family's  canine companion.
  • Gara - Gorok's wife, she has many talents in the area of healing, and knows much about the flora and fauna of the valley.
  • Gorok - Head of the cave family who oversaw the rescue of the Butlers.
  • Greg Butler - Katie's younger brother, he's not as cautious as his sister, and rather adventurous.
  • John Butler - A school science teacher, and head of the Butler Family.
  • Katie Butler - Greg's older sister, she is very smart, and does her best to keep Greg out of trouble.
  • Kim Butler - John's wife, who is also a sort of scientist.
  • Lok - Gorok's son, he is suspicious of the newcomers.
  • Glump - A baby stegosaurus Gorok's family keeps as a pet.
  • Tana - Gorok's daughter, she is very curious about the outside world.






  • Valley of the Dinosaurs board game by Arrow Games, Ltd.