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Wild West C.O.W

Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa is an American animated Western TV series.




The series was created by comic book artist Ryan Brown who previously worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles It was produced by Greengrass Productions, Gunther-Wahl Productions, Ruby-Spears Enterprises and finally Mini Mountain Productions in association with King World Productions and Flextech Television and animated by Gunther-Wahl Productions for its first season, and Ruby-Spears Productions for its second season.


Broadcast History[]

Notes on the Setting[]

Some time in the past a great comet impacted the Earth and it's power granted some nearby cattle with sentience and a form capable of walking upright. These Early bovines created a code to live by- the Code of the West. Other animals where also effects such as horses, and wolfs but the bulk of the species remained unaltered. Cattle are still herded and horses are still rode often by their superior cousins. It's indicated in the show that they are part of the U.S. though no Humans are seen so we can't actually infer much on that fact save that the characters on the law have legal authority under the U.S.

The characters don't actually use guns as we understand them but rather each has a weapon reflective of their personality. The Sheriff's weapon is a projectile whip and the Marshal's weapon fires golden stars like those of a lawman's badge.